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Land Rover Defender

The Defender is a 4-wheel-drive vehicle designed by Land Rover. Originally, the Defender was named the Land Rover Ninety and Land Rover One Ten. This was because of the length in inches of the wheelbase. The One Ten was launched in 1983 and the Ninety in 1984. Land Rover based the design of the Defender from the Series model, that was released in 1948.

In 1989, Land Rover released another 4-wheel-drive model, this was built alongside the “Ninety” and “One Ten”. The new vehicle was the Land Rover Discovery. To make things more clear Land Rover decided to rename the “Ninety” and “One Ten” to the “Defender 90” and “Defender 110”.

The Defender was created to be versatile to the different situations and weather conditions that it may encounter.

In late 2013, Land Rover reported that they were no longer going to build the Defender, they ended the production of this model in December 2015. The production and sale of the Defender lasted 67 years. On 29th January 2016 the last Defender came off of the production line. Jaguar Land Rover stated publically that they intended to release a substitution of the Defender.

Listed below are a few important dates related to the Land Rover Defender.

  • 1948

    Land Rover started producing the Series. It was unveiled during the Amsterdam Motor Show on 30th April that year.

  • 1958

    Land Rover released the Series II.

  • 1961

    Land Rover started the production of the Series IIA.

  • 1971

    Land Rover released the Series III.

  • 1983

    The Land Rover One Ten was launched.

  • 1984

    The Land Rover Ninety was released.

  • 2007

    Land Rover replaced the Defender TD5 engine with a TDCI turbo diesel engine. They also changed the gearbox to make it six-speed.