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Land Rover Discovery

In the 1980's Land Rover saw that cars were selling really well and that there was a gap in the market between the Range Rover and the Defender. They decided that they wanted to try and fill in the gap by creating a new car. Unfortunately they didn't have enough funds to make a completely new model with totally different parts. They decided to base the chassis on either a one ten Land Rover or the Range Rover. They opted for the Range Rover chassis. This is because it was much better on the road.

After the Discovery was released in 1989, Land Rover then went on to release the Discovery 2, Discovery 3 and the Discovery 4. In 2017 Land Rover are releasing the new Discovery 5 into the market. Below are some important dates in Land Rover Discovery's history.

  • 1986

    A number of different style ideas were put forward for the Discovery. After this a clay model was created.

  • September 1989

    Land Rover released the Discovery. The 4x4 was available as a 3 door estate and the buyer had a choice between the v8 petrol or the 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine.

  • 1990

    Land Rover decided to release the Discovery as a 5 door vehicle.

  • 1998

    Land Rover released the Discovery 2.

  • 2000

    The Discovery 2 was then released as a facelift version. Improvements were made to the lights at the front.

  • 2004

    Land Rover released the Discovery 3.

  • 2009

    In 2009 Land Rover released the Discovery 4/LR4.