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Old Land Rover

What do you think of when you hear someone talk about an old Land Rover? For me, I think of a rusty looking series. Many ‘old Land Rovers’ are still around today, loved and maintained, or maybe left and abandoned in a garage somewhere. Even so, the simplicity of the older vehicles mean they can be taken apart, panel by panel and restored.

old land rover

When many people talk about old Land Rovers they often refer to them for being renown for breaking down. Only Land Rover enthusiasts will know that like all cars, parts get to the end of their life and need replacing at some point. With a Land Rover, parts can be replaced quite easily with experience. If they are looked after and maintained, they can live on forever!

old land rover

The first Land Rover was built in 1948, and from that moment the car industry changed forever. The history of this vehicle includes being used in the army, the fire brigade, being used as an ambulance vehicle and other ways.

Most Land Rovers on the road today may be old, but they are still practical and reliable as ever. I know someone who owns an 88-inch wheelbase Land Rover Series 3 that went straight through its last mot with no advisories! It just shows that a bit of love and attention towards a Land Rover can make a massive impact on its life.