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Range Rover

The Range Rover is a constant 4-wheel-drive SUV vehicle, manufactured in Britain by Land Rover. Rover decided to experiment by designing a larger 4x4 than their first model the ‘series’. The Range Rover was released in 1970 and was the fourth generation model to be built by Land Rover. After the Range Rover was created, Land Rover decided to release different styled models under the Range Rover name. These are: The Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Evoque.

The first original mockup of the Land Rover Range Rover was created in 1967, the design of the vehicle was then finished in 1969. The first Range Rover was released in 1970 and was later shown to the public in Paris.

Land Rover decided to sell the Range Rover in the US market from March 1987. From then, they went on to sell the Defender 110 and the Land Rover Discovery.

As the Range Rover became more and more popular in the SUV car industry, Land Rover decided to release another model which was still part of the ‘Range Rover’ model. Land Rover released the Range Rover Sport in 2004, then the Range Rover Evoque in 2011.

The Range Rover is not just a beautifully designed car, it has plenty of features and is an all round brilliant vehicle. Land Rover designed the Range Rover with a long wheelbase and as a spacious 5 seat 4x4. The interior not only looks good; it features a high quality leather finish with the new stop/start technology built in.

The Land Rover Range Rover models can be bought in a variety of different colours, and can either be a solid or metallic paint. The black Range Rover and the white Range Rover are common choices when buying this vehicle.

  • 1967

    The original mockup of the Range Rover was created.

  • 1970

    Land Rover released the Range Rover.

  • 1987

    The Range Rover was released into the US market.

  • 2004

    Land Rover released the Range Rover Sport.

  • 2011

    The Range Rover Evoque was released into the market.