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Land Rover 4x4

A Land Rover is not only a nice car to look at and drive but one of its main features is that it is a 4x4. This means it is capable of driving on pretty much any type of terrain. Obviously the type of tyre fitted makes a big difference in how the car performs.

The Land Rover is not only great for the day to day driving on the road, it is well known for its brilliant ability to drive all four wheels through rough weather conditions like snow. A standard vehicle either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive will quickly find itself stuck and wheel spinning when driving through mud or snow. This is because only 2 of its wheels are driving the car, the other two are either being dragged or pushed. A 4x4 uses all 4 wheels together to drive forward, which means it is less likely to get stuck.

With a 4x4 if one of the wheels is losing traction and can't grip, the other 3 wheels work even harder to make sure the car keeps driving. Below are a few images of situations where having 4 wheel drive is very useful.