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The parts that are needed for a basic service on your Land Rover are an oil filer, air filter, and the correct oil specified for your vehicles engine. Other items can be bought as and when you require them. For example, brake pads, fuel filter, spark plugs, pollen filter, brake shoes etc. If you are not sure as to when these parts need replacing, please check your service book as this will give you a rough guideline as to when they need to be renewed.

land rover 300 tdi engine

Servicing your Land Rover regularly is very important. This will keep your vehicle running smoothly. Many Land Rovers have a service once a year, but if you use your vehicle a lot and rack up the miles you may want to consider servicing your Land Rover every 6 months. As long as a Land Rover is looked after and maintained, it can live a long and happy life!

There are many places were you can purchase servicing parts and kits from. If you don’t service your Land Rover yourself, the garage will buy them from a reputable dealer. If you do want to service your vehicle yourself, you can purchase parts online or in some car parts shops. For more information on where you can purchase these parts from, check out the parts page on this website, or click here!