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Off Road

Off roading is where you drive your 4x4 onto diferent types of terrain. The surface could be gravel, unsurfaced tracks, sand, snow, mud, etc. There are many off roading centres all around the world. They have muddy hills, flooded areas, gravel tracks and more! Every off roading center is different.

Many Land Rover owners want to experience off roading at some point of their life. Land Rover offers different experience days throughout the year. This will help you to understand more about how capable your Land Rover actually is.

Not all cars can be driven off road and it depends on the terrain. If you want to drive your vehicle off road, you may want to make sure it has 4-wheel drive. This means that all four wheels drive together making it less likely for you to get stuck. You might also want to modify your Land Rover to prevent damage. For example, fitting a steering guard that will protect components underneath your vehicle when driving over bolders. You could also upgrade your tyres to prevent getting stuck when driving through mud.