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Who Created Land Rover

Who Created Land Rover?

When the war had ended, Maurice Wilks was at his farm in Anglesey, he and his brother had an inspiration about creating a four-wheel-drive car. This vehicle was initially designed for farmers.

At that time, Maurice Wilks was using a Willys Jeep for working on his farm, when he came up with the idea of creating a Land Rover. In 1947 the Rover company decided to build a Land Rover that would use a Jeep chassis. After this, in the September of the same year, Rover allowed 50 models of Maurice Wilks idea of the 'Land Rover' to be produced for assessment.

In 1948 they decided to release the Land Rover at the Amsterdam Motor Show. From that point onwards, the Land Rover was released to the public and production started. Years later, and the Land Rover is still one of the most well loved 4x4's. It is used by many people and in a variety of different situations. The good old land rover is still with us to this very day!